LancasterGeneralHealth Family Medicine Residency Program


Frequently Asked Questions

Our residents selected and answered these questions to provide you with more information about our program.
Please feel free to email any other questions to our Residency Director.


What are some social events and activities in Lancaster?
For its relatively modest size of 56,000 people in the city and 470,000 people in the county, Lancaster offers a variety of events and activities. For those that enjoy cultural events, you can check out the Fulton Opera and the Lancaster Ballet Company. The live music scene has regular jazz and blues performances. You will also find a variety of restaurant options in the city and suburbs. This is also a hub of antique shopping as well as one of the largest outlet malls on the East Coast. Of course getting to the larger cities is quite easy: Baltimore and Philadelphia are 90 minutes away, Washington DC is about two hours, and New York City is a mere three and half hours driving. There is also a direct Amtrak line to both Philly and NY City. For more information about the area, check out

What is the patient population?
Most people associate Lancaster County with the Amish. Yes, we take care of the Amish as outpatients and inpatients. Most of the residents would agree that our Amish patients can present to the clinic or the emergency room when they are quite sick. Consequently, the experience of "doctoring" these patients is very rewarding. We often see classic presentations of diseases (pneumonia, for example) that are more unusual to see these days.

However, Lancaster County is surprisingly diverse. the Dental Clinic at South East Lancaster Health Services serves a substantial, underserved, inner-city population, including many Spanish-speaking patients from Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other Central American countries, as well as a significant Laotian population.

Do you have a call system?
Yes. Dental residents will take emergency room calls.

What kind of teaching and didactics do you receive?
We provide clinical sessions with a faculty member to mentor and guide residents and didactic sessions, including lectures and PowerPoint presentations.

Are meals covered?
Yes, the residents receive an amount credited to their identification badge. The amount per year is generally much more than adequate. Hospital food is also discounted to employees.

What are the salary and benefits for the residents?
See our Salary and Benefits page for the current information. The health insurance is very reasonable, and includes dental and ophthalmic coverage. Residents also take advantage of the Employee Service Center which offers multiple discounts to local events and services.

For questions or more information about the Lancaster General Dental General Practice Residency, please contact Dr. Kevin Risko DMD, Program Director.